Maptuner 1.0


Here you can download the latest software to your Maptuner!


MapTuner is a product developed by Maptun Performance AB, where you as a customer can program your car with a simple keystroke.

MapTuner is a small handheld device that easily connects into the car's diagnostic port (OBD II) with associated wiring. With a few simple keystrokes, you program the engine control unit and can always return to the original program.

MapTuner is available to the following cars:
Saab 9-3 99-11
Saab 9-5 98-10
Opel Vectra
Opel Signum
Opel Zafira
With Trionic 7, Trionic 8, Me9, 1.9 EDC16, 1.9 EDC16+

MapTuner T7 Guide Swedish

MapTuner T7 Guide English

MapTuner T7 Guide French

MapTuner T7 Guide Norwegian

MapTuner Manual V8

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