When you purchase the Maptuner X, a number of basic apps are pre-installed into the system.

These are the Tuning app which is used to tune a vehicle, Error-code reader which as the name suggests is used to find out what might be wrong with a vehicle, Add vehicle which is used to add new vehicles into the system that you want to work as well as en built in hidden feature called Remote Diagnostics which allows the staff at Maptun to diagnose your car in real time from a remote location.

When connecting your device to the internet you will be able to add more apps through your account, the apps are developed by Maptun and will be made available as development is completed.

The first add-on app we've made available from the start is the Remote Individual Tuning, which can be used to get a taylor-made software for your vehicle regardless of what hardware set-up it happens to have.

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