Maptun Powersports division was born from our passion of performance and the knowledge we had aquired in car engine optimization. Partnering with VTECHTUNED, who has supplied quality software calibrations for over two decades, we can offer an extensive tuning library for a variety of vehicles. Be it snowmobiles, enduro motorcycles, watercrafts, ATV/UTVs or marine outboards.

Together we not only develop software but also hardware such as our popular turbo kit for Sea-Doo Spark and our cold-air intake kits for a range of snowmobiles for example.

Taking full advantage of the technology in the Maptuner our customers can perform tuning in an easy, fast and safe way. However, tuning is just one on many capabilities the Maptuner brings to the powersports customer. Tasks previously required costly and time-consuming service appointment can now be performed by the end customer from the palm of their hand. Anywhere on Earth! The powerful monitoring and datalogger features give the advanced users the possibility to fine-tune their vehicle to their liking in absolut detail.

We see it as our duty to provide you with the best possible experience with your vehicle - whether you just bought your first watercraft or compete at World Championship level!

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