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We are an authorized Saab workshop. What does that mean?

We perform all types of service and repairs for Saab. As far as we go, we use original parts for your car. As the range of original parts is limited, we also work with alternative parts and / or our proprietary products. We have a lot of parts in-house, which means that, if we are not too busy, we can help you as soon as possible without having to wait for items not in stock. Our technicians participate in technology events during the year and receive ongoing training. We also work closely with Orio.

Being an authorized Saab workshop also means that we have full powers to handle warranty issues. We also have full access to all available support and spare parts catalogues. All in order for us to do the best work possible on your car.

Saab Original
Open hours Mo-Th 07:00am-05:00pm, Fr 07:00am-04:00pm Lunch 12:00pm-1:00am
Verkstadsgatan 2, 702 27 Örebro, Phone: +46 (0)19-23 70 30
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