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In this presentation we could have chosen to brag some. About how extremely knowledgeable our technicians are, how well our staff in the customer service provide, that we would never leave you a car we wouldn't want ourself and how amazingly satisfied our customers have.

But now we chose not to do that, even though it is true. Or yes okay, we bragged a little. Though it is true.

Welcome to leave your car to us! We are an authorized Saab workshop located in the Åby industrial area in Örebro. With us, personal treatment is the most important thing, as a customer, you feel at home here. Saab is warmly at heart - but of course we will accept cars of all brands and models. Our technicians have different backgrounds and experiences - which means your car is always in good hands.

Welcome to book your time with us!

You find us at Verkstadsgatan 2 in Örebro.
+4619 23 70 30 (Swedish only)

Open hours Mo-Th 07:00am-05:00pm, Fr 07:00am-04:00pm Lunch 12:00pm-1:00am
Verkstadsgatan 2, 702 27 Örebro, Phone: +46 (0)19-23 70 30
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