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Maptun Meet 2019
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Timetable and exhibitor’s information

Below are information that may be useful to consider before the event:
If you are going to participate in the car show you should be here in good time since there are more than 90 cars as well as exhibitors, tents and more to be parked in the area during the morning. We do not park the cars in any specific categories, it will be first come first served. We start by setting the first car closest to the gate and then filling inwards. We start the entry at 08:00. Car wash is available outside the gates 24/7.

1. When you arrive into the area you will get a patch with a number to be placed visibly in the car, preferably in the front of the driver's side (left A-post).
2. The cars will be placed in the order they arrive through the gate. There is no ordering by model.
3. The cars will be judged by a jury consisting of staff from Maptun, but also other skilful Saab people.
4. All cars compete against each other regardless of model. However, it is possible to win prizes in several categories with the same car.
5. The cars will be judged with points 1-3, where 3 points are highest. The categories you compete in are as follows:
- Best Condition. Which car is in the best condition? Preferences are given for high milestones and high ages. Here the general condition is assessed, the condition of the lacquer, if there are damaged components on the car such as cracked tail lights. The engine room will of course be assessed and here it should be nice and clean. The interior is also of great importance. Judges shall assess the condition and overall of the interior, and whether upgrades made are staged. It should, for example, not hang any visible, the interior mat should be clean and so on. The prizes are awarded in gold, silver and bronze.
- Best in Show. The car that is most distinctive overall - The jury's favorite car. The prizes are awarded in gold, silver and bronze.
- Best Performance. This is about power, driving characteristics and brakes. It is not necessarily the most effective car that picks home the winning team, but it is the best and most thoughtful combination of motor, chassis and brake upgrades that are the choir to winner. What car model it is and what upgrading has taken place is important as the effect should be good in relation to age and car type. The prizes are awarded in gold, silver and bronze.
- People’s choice. Here you will have the opportunity to say what you think as a visitor. All visitors have the opportunity to vote for their favorite car and the price is a gift card.

When you participate in the vote for Peoples Choice you are also competing for a gift card. The winner is randomly drawn.

All gift cards are in the Maptun Parts online store In addition to the honor and the gift card, all prize winners get a cup!

The exhibition and other activities begin at 10.00. A number of presentations will take place during the day with regular breaks, so visitors can walk around and admire your cars.
Remember to have no wallet or other valuables in the show cars!
We wish you a warm welcome and we think it will be a really fun event! =)
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