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Saab 9-3 SS/SC 2003- / 2.8T TurboX 280Hp 2008

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340 bhp / 480 Nm

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Stage 3 340Hp, 480Nm + MapTuner (Maptun software Saab 9-3 SS/SC 2003-)

MapTun Sport Air filter 9-3 II/V6

In short: High flowing air filter with very good filtration properties. Drop-in install in stock airbox.

MapTun Performance are proud to offer replacement air filters available for most Saab models. Each filter is made to the highest quality. The panel is designed to increase horsepower and acceleration whilst providing excellent filtration. The MapTun Performance logo is incorporated into each air filter and is a direct replacement for the panel in your car.
Intercooler 9-3 2.8T V6

Newly developed high performance intercooler designed for 99,9% bolt-on replacement of stock intercooler. High flowing core with low back pressure and cast end tanks make this an excellent upgrade on any tuned 9-3 2003-

Cast end tanks sustains high boost without the leakage commonly associated with the stock 9-3 II intercooler when increasing boost above 1,4-1,5 bar. Dramatically improved charge air cooling allowing high power output even during high ambient temperatures and long WOT runs. Designed for 99,9% bolt-on replacement of stock intercooler. Stock fitments and hoses retained.

New turbocharger, MHI TD04HL-XT, 100% bolt-on install on all 9-3 2.8T cars. Power capacity of approximately 340 hp. Modified turbine wheel, even bigger compressor wheel, modified compressor house.

Stock turbocharger (core) to be sent back within 7 days.
MapTun downpipe 9-3 V6 (B284) XWD

- Stainless steel
- Made in Sweden
- Race catalyst with a 400 bhp capacity
- Can be used with stock exhaust or Maptun cat-back
- Lifetime warranty
- Maptun logotype
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