Opening hours this week
Thursday and Friday of this week Maptun will be closed due to infrastructure upgrades and facility maintenance. Phones will be offline, but you can still email us and place orders as usual, with the exception that emails and orders will be processed next week.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you, but the intention is that the upgrades will allow us to offer better service in the future!
Opening hours this week
Please note that Maptun will be closed May 9-10th. This applies to all the different branches of Maptun.

Welcome back on Monday the 13th!
Maptun Tuning Days: Hungary
Meet us in beautiful Budapest on April 2-5 for the first Maptun Tuning Days in Hungary!

For more information, see the link below.
New tuningkit for 9-3 sport 2003-
A new, more affordable 300 hp tuning kit is soon available for the 2003- 9-3. The result in the Rototest was 310 hp and 410 Nm on E75 (E85 currently not available) and 295 hp 410 Nm on 98 octane petrol. Will be advertised as 300 hp on E85 and 290 hp on petrol.
New contract with Fedex
We have now made the switch from UPS to FedEx for all our international deliveries. Thanks to this, we can offer 50-75% lower international rates!
Happy Holidays!
We at Maptun would like to thank our customers, suppliers and other partners for a truly fantastic 2012! We hope that you are looking forward to 2013 as much as we are. 2013 promises to be a year with a lot of new products, a warehouse expansion in order to insure faster deliveries, and a lot of other exciting and (as of yet) secret projects.

Holiday opening hours:

Closed between December 22nd and January 7th. Normal operations will resume on Tuesday January 8th.

Make sure to place your order before December 20th in order to have it sent out before we close for Christmas.

Do not miss our Christmas campaign! Click on the link below.
Tuning days in Holland!
During 5-6 October MapTun Performance Sweden will visit Maptun Dutch retailer Autobedrijf Tholen BV. This annual event is greatly appreciated and is a terrific opportunity to meet and greet both new and current customers.
Summer times!
Maptun will be open as usual for the duration of summer, albeit with limited staff. During certain times of the day it might be hard to reach us on the phone. We apologize in advance for this. Electronic communication will also be affected with longer response times.

We want to wish our customers a warm and enjoyable summer!
The winners, Maptun Meet 2012
The top row, from left:
Stefan Elg, 2nd prize for Best in Show, the Saab 9-5.
Mattias Mattias Brelid, 3rd prize for Best in Show, the Saab 9-5.
Pelle Nilsson, 2nd prize for Best in Show, Extreme Car.
Fredrik Johansson, 3rd prize for Best in Show, Other models.
Fredrik Johansson, 1st prize for Best in Show, Other models.
Marcus Larsson, 1st prize for Best in Show, 9-3 03 -.

Bottom row, from left:
Romain Mariani, 2nd prize for Best in Show, Other models.
PA Johansson, 1st prize for Best in Show, Extreme Car and People's Choice.
Peter Frank, 1st prize for Best in Show 9-5.
Adi Suskic, 2nd prize for Best in Show, 9-3 03 -
Tommy Carlsson, 3rd prize for Best in Show, 9-3 03 -

Thanks to all visitors!
We at Maptun Performance AB would like to thank everyone who visited our Maptun Meet in Örebro.
You really helped us obtain a amazing days.

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