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Terms of sale

Terms of Sale at Maptun.

1. Buy
In order to meet contracts for the purchase only when Maptun confirmed the order through an e-mail order confirmation. Order Confirmation is automatically generated by Maptuns database without manual review. At any inaccuracies in the example indication of price, delivery, etc., we reserve the right to correct this.
2. Price
The prices include VAT at 25% if you have chosen to show prices including VAT.All products are priced in Swedish crones (SEK). Therefore, all prices in EUR and GBP about prices when the exchange rate may vary daily. For larger changes, we also update the exchange rate. You always charged the price is expressed in Swedish kronor (SEK) on the website when you complete your order.
3. Deliveries - Delivery time
Normal delivery time is 1-4 working days (weekdays), after we have received your order. In cases where a product must be ordered from the supplier, delivery time to be slightly longer.

We send a notification to your email on the day of your package sent.

For delivery to COD charged an additional SEK 50. These prices are incl. VAT. We provide the transport risk, ie. the risk of product damage or loss during shipment from our warehouse to you. You represent the risk in the event returned to us.

You do not solve your package we have to charge you for the freight charges incurred due. your order, and an administrative fee of SEK 120.
4. Payment
Maptun sets prices include VAT. Fees for shipping and no. delivery order. No other taxes or charges.

Ev. repayments are made in the first instance to your bank account, personal account or bank account in the alternative via avi. The refund is made within 10 working days that we have received and accepted your return.

You can select from the following payment options:

COD / Cash on delivery - you pay at the post office or at the door when the home is. When paying with Postväxel be displayed with this item as a recipient (always Postväxel the amount of 10,000 SEK). COD fee of 30 SEK - to come.
5. Warranty
Product guarantee covers only the initial error, ie. errors that existed in the product on delivery. Valid example handling errors or wrong, we must be using our service charge you the cost. This is true when we can not find anything wrong with the product or when you caused the damage himself.
6. Complaints
Maptun survey every post before it is sent to you. Would it still be damaged or wrongly expedited when it arrives, we will fix the error with no extra charge.

NOTE! It is important that you make a proper notification.
Visible defects: Reported directly to the driver upon receipt of goods.
Hidden defects: Reported to Maptun within 3 days of receipt of goods.
If a product is wrongly expedited or damaged we will exchange it or give your money back including freight cost. If you have ordered more goods than the one you returned, we do not return the entire shipping cost.
7. Return
For goods not picked up in time we will charge the entire carriage including the delivery fee. Return Shipping will be charged and an administrative fee of SEK 120. If the product is returned to Maptun we will send an invoice within two days on the above amounts. Note that Posten normally return package that are not collected within 14 days from arrival.

It is the duty of the customer to pay for the return delivery cost for any products returned to Maptun, this includes core returns (turbo, steering wheel, ECU cores etc).