Customers - Martti Kohtanen

Year: 1996
Effect/torque: 450 Hp/500 Nm

0-100km/h : 5,8 sec,
100-150 km/h : 3,4 sec,
Top speed: 300 km/h

Engine, gearbox and exhaust system
Maptun special software,
GTBB30 Turbo, 630 cc injectors, Abbott cyl.head with larger valves, Abbott intercooler, Abbott 3" delivery pipe to manifold, Group 9 enlarged throttle body, open airfilter with 3" delivery to turbo, Maptun 268/9,6 camshafts, upgraded valvesprings, upgraded fuel pump, disconnected balance shafts,
Gearbox renewed with Quaife LSD and 9-5 synch.rings, 600 Nm clutch, lightened flywheel,
Custom made exhaust collector with custom made 3" downpipe, rest of the system 2,5" stainless steel (Hirsch)

Abbott lowering springs with yellow adjustable Konis, poly bushes, Saab Savior big diameter stabilizers at front and back, Abbott strut braces at front and back

Tires, rims and breaks
Alloy rims 7,5" x 17" for summer and winter, tires:215/45-17, 4 pot AP racing calipers at front with 310 mm ventilated discs

Full Aero leather interior

Original appearance

Saab original Harman Kardon sound system

Vacuum pump for crankcase, GT40R turbo, upgraded fuel lines and fuel rail

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